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Seed Stage Fund. 

Investing in Latin America technology startups.

About us

We are a group of tech founders who have built technology driven ventures to solve big problems. We believe a number of industries in Latin America are ripe for disruption and will invest in the entrepreneurs leading the charge.

About Me
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Founder Profile

  We are most likely to invest if your team/company has: 

      - Co-founder who writes software

      - Personally experienced problem you are looking to solve

      - Product/service tackling a large or fast growing market

      - Built and launched a product/service

      - Product/service with traction

      - Clear and concise pitch deck





Y Combinator

We invest in Y Combinator-backed tech founders solving problems in Latin America. As YC Alumn, we selectively help LatAm founders effectively navigate the Silicon Valley and YC ecosystem. 


Become comfortable with

the uncomfortable.

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